Asbestos rules ignored in many BC home demolitions
March 23, 2016

A new addition, the Vec Loader

The Vec Loader is the newest part of the 4W’s Family. It’s a versatile 170hp diesel industrial vacuum complete with it’s own trailer, filtration and hydraulic systems. We can remove anything from gravel and sand to hazardous materials like vermiculite. With this machine, we can accomplish in 1-2 days what would normally take a week to remove manually. It reduces the amount of dust created in the workspace because it removes the material directly to disposal bags outside the house.

Hepa Vacs are powerful, completely self-contained, critical filtered vacuum systems, capable of conveying regulated materials including asbestos and nuclear contaminated solids, slurries, powders and liquids. Hepa Vac power allows maximum vacuum performance for long run vacuuming within high-rise buildings, tunnels, confined areas and crawl spaces with single or multiple smaller diameter hoses. All processed air within the fully enclosed negative pressure system is thoroughly scrubbed by a unique four-stage filtration process. The VecLoader Hepa Vac is the safest large-scale vacuum system ever designed.