4w’s Demo provides a wide variety of services for both residential and commercial projects. Our professional team is trained and qualified to meet all of the new City of Vancouver requirements and has a combined experience of over 95 years in asbestos reporting, removal and disposal. We also offer mould testing and remediation, drywall removal and disposal, environmental reports, lead and mercury abatement and disposal and recycling projects. Our latest industrial vacuum, the Vec Loader, allows us to provide these services with the utmost environmental care and efficiency. We work with customers throughout the Greater Vancouver Regional District, Fraser Valley and the rest of BC.

Asbestos Removal & Disposal

We are a professional company who has never had a fine with WorkSafeBC. Our team works closely with officials in all municipalities and in fact, we are often referred by these municipalities and Worksafe compliance officers. We have all equipment on hand for any size abatement project, have qualified professionals on retainer and hire impartial independent consultants whenever possible to avoid any conflicts of interest or project delays.

Renovations & Demolitions

With over 16 years in the commercial and residential demolition industry, and previous experience in the salvage industry we can foresee issues that may develop during your projects. This experience allows us to determine where possible hazardous materials may be concealed on a worksite. Using our industrial vacuum, the Vec Loader, we save you time and money by efficiently removing materials, like sand and gravel, rather than using shovels and wheelbarrows.

Hazardous Material Testing & Removal

Our independent consultants are qualified for all testing and reporting needs, eliminating any conflict of interests that may occur. They also oversee all of our demolition projects thus reducing possible delays in the permitting process.

Bin Trucks & Bin Services

By having our own fleet of Bin Trucks, 4W’s Demo is able to provide efficient disposal services for demolition debris and drywall recycling. By directly providing this service to our customers it allows for flexible scheduling and reasonable rates.

Drywall Removal & Disposal

Due to new regulations set throughout the GVRD it has become next to impossible to dispose of or recycle drywall that has drywall taping compound on it. 4W’s Demo has developed trusting relationships with reputable recycling and hazardous waste disposal companies that allow us to safely recycle drywall that may or may not contain asbestos. drywall removal, popcorn ceiling removal and drywall disposal

Green Demolition & LEED Program

Our professional and organized method allows us to meet or exceed the requirements and regulations set forth with these programs. Environmental protection and sustainability is extremely important 4W’s Demo and we also encourage our clients to recycle everything possible, diverting needless waste from the landfills.