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Renovation Project

During a routine bathroom renovation 4W’s Demo was hired to dismantle the walls and ceiling for the project. Prior to starting work we inspected the attic space and discovered asbestos containing vermiculite attic insulation.

Work was called to an immediate halt and the client was informed about this discovery. After filing the appropriate paperwork, the vermiculite insulation was properly abated the following day using our Vec Loader thus keeping the project on schedule to be completed before the owner’s return from vacation.

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East 8th, Vancouver

Insurance claim/cleanup (hoarder)

4W’s Demo was hired after an extreme situation where a ceiling collapsed from a roof leak when the homeowners were gone on vacation for two weeks.

The collapsed ceiling spilled asbestos containing vermiculite insulation and contaminated the kitchen and adjoining hallway. We contained the affected area, ensuring no asbestos fibres escaped to adjacent rooms. Air quality was then ensured by an independent consultant.

The next step was to provide a detailed inventory of all personal items in the affected area for insurance purposes. Contaminated items were either disposed of or taken to a specialized laundry facility.

Finally, the Vec Loader was brought in to safely remediate the vermiculite insulation. After the remediation was complete, hard surfaces washed and locked down, the air quality was retested. The site was issued a clearance letter so a contractor could be hired to complete the repairs.

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East 33rd, Vancouver


Through a neighbour’s referral, 4W’s Demo was hired to safely remove the vermiculite insulation from an attic. The client was going to build an additional room in this large unused attic space.

With two young children at home, they wanted to remain in the house during the removal process. Therefore it was extremely important for the remediation to be as safe as possible.

Our industrial vacuum, the Vec Loader, reduces the amount of dust created in the workspace because it removes the material directly to disposal bags outside the house. The advantage is not having to carry hazardous material through an occupied home, thus minimizing health risks.

We were able to remove all of the attic insulation from their home in one workday using this powerful trailer mounted vacuum keeping the renovation of this area ahead of schedule.

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